Hosted VoIP Call Reports Are Critical To Many Businesses

Hosted VoIP Call Reports Are Critical To Many Businesses

Hosted VoIP Call Reports

Most businesses need more out of their phone system than just phones on desks that can place and receive calls. But are they aware that FreedomIQ provides so much more than this?

FreedomIQ Call Reports are critical to many businesses.  The robust reporting capabilities offered with FreedomIQ are truly invaluable when it comes to making informed business decisions about staffing and the quality of a business’s customer care team.

This real-time call data allows businesses to:

  • Make decisions about individual employee strengths and weaknesses with the “User Statistics Report”. This report provides a wide range of data on user call activity, including the number of calls handled, talk time, time logged in, and more.
  • Staff appropriately by using the “Call Details Report” and “Missed Calls Report” to get an overview of call volume during certain times of day or days of the week.
  • Maintain the best quality of service by recording all inbound and outbound calls and reviewing on a continuous basis. In addition, these recordings can be used to train new hires.

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